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Jennifer Moss- Owner

Jennifer Moss is the owner of Early Explorers Preschool! She received her undergraduate degree at Lincoln University and her MBA at William Woods University. An experienced businesswoman, mom, and paraprofessional, she has the skills needed to make Early Explorers a success! Jennifer was born, raised, graduated, and has begun raising her family in this capital city. She understands both sides of the preschool world as she has worked in offices of local daycares as well as been a daycare mom herself! You can find her working behind the front desk and her open-door policy makes any parent feel at ease to talk with her.

Brittany Miller- Director

Brittany Miller is the facility director here at Early Explorers Preschool. A native of Jefferson City, she has found this town to be her forever home. Brittany graduated from Jefferson City High School and immediately went to college to study child development and teaching! Early Childhood education has always been her passion and has since turned into her life’s work. She received her education from West Coast Baptist College and William Woods University. Mrs. Brittany works on staff training and coordination, providing support for new and upcoming teachers, plans educational field trips, develops curriculum, and provides a high quality standard of learning for each kiddo!

Ms. Darcy- Infant/Toddler Director

Darcy comes to us with many years of experience caring for infants! Mrs. Darcy has her CDA and is using this knowledge to improve our infant/toddler unit everyday. She is a friend to everyone, and makes our babies and parents feel welcome. She loves to work as a team with new mommies, and provides a comfortable loving environment! Her top notch care is special. Her bright smile, positive attitude, and fantastic work ethic makes her the model of preschool! We are so thankful to have her running and coordinating our infant/toddlers units.

Miss Jessica- Infant Teacher

Miss Jessica is our super fun and energetic infant teacher! She is determined to provide only the highest quality of care for our youngest kiddos! Miss Jessica loves to help the babies with their crafts, tummy times, and taking the cutest baby photos! Jessica is a mama to her one year old Karson who is a delight to have in our toddler room. Miss Jessica loves being able to help babies grow and develop while also having so much fun!


Miss Elizabeth- Infant Teacher

Miss Elizabeth helps to ensure that our infant room is top notch for our babies to enjoy! Her spunk and fun-loving personality gives everyone a reason to smile! Miss Elizabeth brings with her an equally spunky one year old who is an adorable addition our toddler room! Miss Elizabeth puts our kiddos' safety and health above all else. Her heart and love for the babies is so big! We love having Miss Elizabeth as part of our EEP family!

Ms. Carly- Toddler Lead Teacher

Ms. Carly is our lead toddler teacher. She ensures our toddler room is the most loving, safe, and secure that it can be! She loves to snuggle and give love to our toddlers! Her favorite part working in that room is hearing the children's giggles! She works hard on meeting developmental milestones, and keeping the room immaculately clean! Ms. Carly is also learning how to play the guitar!

Miss Katelyn- Toddler Teacher

Miss Katelyn and her son are great addition to our school. She loves our toddlers like her own! She loves planning and coordinating sensory activities to help our early learners discover their world! She always has a smile and kind word. She loves to watch the toddlers build their vocabulary and laughs at the funny things they say!  She has been a great addition to our toddler room, and we are so lucky to have her!

Ms. Brandy- 2-A Teacher

Ms. Brandy is our energetic 2A teacher! She is always ready and willing to have a good time! Ms. Brandy comes with 15 years of experience and has formed our 2A room into a learning haven! The kids love her energy and fun-loving spirit. Ms. Brandy loves her little learners! Her classroom is always full of music, laughter, and fun! She teaches through games, songs, and rhymes! Her favorite thing about her children is the hugs and love they give. Her goal everyday is to make her students feel loved, safe, and productive!

Ms. Sharin 2-B Teacher

Ms. Sharin comes with three years of experience in the preschool, more specifically in the two year old room. She has a love for children that is unmatched! Ms. Sharin has two children of her own and she knows how to make each kiddo feel special! She loves to craft, write, and plan fun preschool activities! We are genuinely blessed to have her as part of our Early Explorers Family!

Miss Brittany S- 3s Teacher

Brittany is our star three year old teacher! The patience and love for her students is so evident! At any moment, one can find Miss Brittany stacking legos, singing her ABC's, or jumping across color circles! She goes to great lengths to ensure her kiddos feel safe, loved, and happy! Her students and their parents love her bright smile and warm, welcoming personality!

Miss. Nicole- 4s Teacher

Ms. Nicole is our 4 year old teacher. She comes with years of experience educating and enriching the lives of young children. She loves watching the kids learn new things! She is wonderful at introducing structure, and preparing them for the five's room. She keeps her room full of fun and learning through play! Everyday is a new adventure in the four year old room, and the kids love Miss Nicole leading the way!

Miss. Lydia- 5s Teacher

Ms. Lydia is our wonderfully patient five year old teacher! Five's are not easy, but she makes it seem like a breeze! Her amazing amount of kind words and positive reinforcements make her classroom such a fun and encouraging place to be! Her heart and love for each and every child helps her make the 5 year old room the best learning environment for them!
Miss Brittany- Floater

Miss Brittany comes to us with two years of experience in preschool teaching as a floating teacher! Her patience and enthusiasm suits her well as she travels through our different classrooms to assist our teaching staff! She loves her kiddos and strives to connect with them however she can! She is truly a staple part of our program, and our kiddos are so blessed to have her! She loves to play, have fun, and watch children learn and grow!


Mrs Lily- Floater

Mrs. Lily is our floater who gets to love on all of our kids! She has two infant twins who light up our infant/toddler room with their sweet smiles and fun personalities. Mrs. Lily shares that same smile and personality as she works with our kiddos. Her creativity through lessons and ability to just jump in and love teaching has truly blessed our program!

Ms. Barb- Cook

Ms. Barb is our wonderful preschool cook! She has been a cook in preschool for many years and we love to benefit from her experience! She loves all of our EEP kiddos as her own, and you will find her many times snuggling babies or playing with our two year olds during the day between meals. Ms. Barb works very hard to accommodate all of our student's needs and she finds joy in making sure our tummies are full! We love Ms. Barb!

Charlotte Dudenhoeffer- Craft Coordinator

Mrs. D comes to us with 31 years of experience in the Jefferson City Public School system! Her ability to reach any child through an art project or to calm a child through a craft is unmatched! Her experience and patience will serve us well here at Early Explorers! Mrs. D has worked with special education most of her career and has fostered a love for teaching in her children who have also gone on to become ones themselves! Mrs. D loves to inspire, impact, and guide children through learning and academics! You can find her circling the building with her craft tote and a smile!

Olivia Moss- Volunteer Teacher Assistant

Olivia Moss is the daughter of Jennifer Moss! She will be our teachers' assistant this summer! Her sweet demeanor and big heart makes her the perfect person to work with children! She enjoys helping others, art, and orchestra/choir performances! She recently raised $5,130 for the Central Missouri Honor Flight! You can find her in every room helping with classroom duties! She is so ready to welcome and play with our new friends!

Griffin Moss- Volunteer Playground Supervisor

Griffin Moss is the son of Jennifer Moss! He is so excited to start on his playground supervising duties! He loves action figures, youtube, chicken nuggets, and blowing his whistle! You can find our cutest little helper on the playground keeping the peace!

Gary and Jan Griffin- Owner and Volunteer Grandma

Mr. Gary and Grandma Jan have been married 45 years. Mr. Gary is a retired printer from Lincoln University and has been a businessman since his twenties. Mr. Gary can be found cracking jokes in the office and playing Santa at Christmas! Grandma Jan is a retired teacher and counseling from JCPS after 30 years! Her love for children has turned from the classroom to her own grandchildren! She and her husband enjoy travelling, gardening and spending time with family and friends! Grandma Jan will be our volunteer grandma and come to love on our kids and have read-alouds in our library!

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